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Cooking with the Kreitzers

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Third/Online edition

Published …, 2019





Second edition

Published  December 9, 2016


A few humble words from the Editors.

The first edition of this book was really a necessity.  As the Kreitzer kids were growing older and moving out, they found that family recipe cards were not easily divisible and were quickly loosing accuracy in each subsequent retelling.  Additionally, the young adult children struggled to find meaningful but frugal Christmas presents to give their parents year after year.  it was amidst these struggles that the first <I>Cooking with the Kreitzers</I> was born.

Cookbooks provide great insight into the culture of a generation.  The first edition of the <I>Cooking with the Kreitzers</I> was intended to do just that.  It was a window into a shared history, paired with family recipes and anecdotes telling of tales of the recipe’s importance in family lore.  It served its purpose, documenting historical recipes for posterity’s sake and promulgating them amongst family and friends.

This second edition is a bit different.  like the first, it is a window into an era.  These are the recipes that Kreitzers make today.  Some historical family favorites remain, held over the from the first edition like beloved well0read books.  However most recipes in this edition are new.  These are the recipes that are cooked by the Kreitzers today.  We hope you enjoy these insights into our kitchens.  We considered calling this new book <I>Cooking with the Kreitzers:  New Recipes, Fewer Typos</I>, but we were really only sure we could deliver on the first part of that promise.  If the pattern holds, we will be scrambling to do this again in the weeks before Christmas 2022, so we hope this holds you over until then.

We apologize for any errors.  or do we?  It just might be our competitive spirit.



First Edition

Published December 22, 2010


A few words from the Editor.

For generations, Kreitzers have shied away from sharing recipes.  Evidence of this can be found in the Apple Crisp recipe, whereby Joe Kreitzer admits to refusing to give a child ingredient amounts.  Even the editor and contributors to this humble tome will admit to “accidentally” leaving out key ingredients or notes on recipes distributed in the past.  We believe this is a wrong that must be righted.

The recipes for this book were selected because they appealed either to the palate or the nostalgic memories of the creative team.  As a result, you will see few mushroom recipes and very few with fish.  Most of the recipes in this book are old family recipes, passed down for generations from both the Freeman d=and Kreitzer sides of the family.  Aunts and uncles from both sides of the family were consulted in order to ensure that family classics were included.

Additionally, several recipes in this book have been adopted form visitors at the cabin on Pokegama Lake.  A list of recipes from family friends can be found in the Table of Contents.